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11 July 2008 @ 08:53 pm
samantha's story - prologue  
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      THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO lived two great magical families. They could have ruled the world, but were so focused on destroying each other that a great war erupted. They destroyed lives, towns, cities, whole societies, trying to force the other to concede. But neither family would surrender. So the war raged on, until the heads of both families led them to what was to be the greatest battle of the war, the ultimate battle. Whoever survived was the victor of not just this battle, but the whole war. This was a fight to the death. But this battle was not meant to be. As the two families strode onto the battlefield, a burst of bright green light exploded between them, separating them, preventing the fight from beginning. In the center of the light stood a beautiful woman in a white silk gown. An angel, some would later call her, and yet a devil, others would accuse, in an angel’s disguise, meant to deceive them all. But neither angel nor devil was she. She was the mother, the goddess, come to reprimand her children for their disobedience.

      “WAR!” She bellowed, “IS THIS WHAT YOUR LIVES HAVE DWINDLED TO?! You were brought here to bring peace! To guide, to teach, to help and comfort the people of this world. But you have led them to a place of strife, anger and hatred! You were given infinite life and great power, but rather than using these gifts for their intended purposes, you have turned your backs on each other, and in turn your charges. Your very presence has destroyed this world that I so dearly cherish! May you never have an opportunity to do so again!”

      The goddess’s arms shot up, one hand towards each family. A faint glow gathered around her hands, becoming brighter and brighter, as the magic was drained from the two families on either side of her. As suddenly as the glow appeared, it faded and was no more. She looked at the two families with sincere regret at what she had done to them.

      “Your magic is gone from you, but not from this world. Some day it shall be returned to you, but until then, you are no better than any other mortal in this world. Step forward, my daughter, my son, and retrieve your birthright that you have so foolishly squandered away for disobeying my wishes.”

      From the family at the goddess’s right stepped forward a majestic woman with luscious dark red hair and glistening green eyes. From her left, a man with sharp features and a dark complexion moved towards her, the anger on his face apparent. The goddess flung one arm at each of them, and an amulet appeared clasped around each of their necks. Both amulets were bright silver triquetras with a stone attached to the center. The woman’s amulet had a glittering white opal that radiated protective magic fixed to it. The man’s triquetra was inverted, and in the center was a black opal that gleamed with its fire, igniting his already existing anger. As the two siblings stepped back to their families, the goddess spoke again.

      “It is now your burden to keep that which I have given you safe, for a time will come when one shall have the power to unlock the magic held within the stones. Now GO!” she commanded, releasing her fury on the now powerless people before her, sending them away from her.

      The white opal amulet was kept safe, passed down from mother to daughter, its protective properties allowing the family to flourish. No one knows of the fate of the black opal amulet. It was rumored to have been gambled away by one who did not know or believe the stories, as the original family stopped believing the goddess might return to them that which she had given them. Through the centuries, none were able to unlock the amulets’ respective magic, and the stories became no more than bedtime fairy tales to warn disobedient children of what might happen if they didn’t change their ways. Some even stopped believing the amulets ever existed, as the belief in magic disappeared. But others know the truth, and patiently await the coming of the chosen one, ready to respond to the call when it comes.